New York, New York Collection

New York, New York Collection

A portion of every download goes to each filmmaker featured in the collection, and to our national beneficiary, the Michelson Found Animals Foundation.

Wonder Dog (1:00) John Lee’s adorable Yorkshire Terrier in her Wonder Woman costume running all over New York City to save the day.

Shit Happens (2:00) Joan Caspi’s use of a mime to give a reminder to pick up the poop!

Dog People (18:00) Heidi Gelover’s documentary looks at some surprising dog-passionate New Yorkers and their activities.

The Pet Replacer (1:00) Bideawee’s reminder that a real dog or cat is the best sort of pet.

Steadfast Stanley (4:00) Director John Kim’s brilliant animated tale of Stanley, a Welsh Corgi, who is left behind in a sudden apocalypse and does everything to be reunited with the little boy he loves.

My Little Nut (6:00) Director Johan Perruchoud made this film as part of a 48-hour film challenge (written, shot and edited in 2 days!) The film is the debut of Peanut, the Chihuahua co-owned by the director and the “other star” of the film, Shivantha Wijesinha.

Dog Soldiers: a Dogumentary (29:00) Mike Carroll made this documentary in 1990 about a professional dog walker in NYC, giving us a view back to what dog-centric living was like almost 3 decades ago and how it has changed….or not?!

Ooh la la (1:00) Erika Fischerkeller’s humorous animation exploring the relationship between males, females and dogs. Inspired by the French Poodle.

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New York, New York Collection

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